Tempting consumers worldwide

As the plant-based frontrunner we are, we envision a world full of quality plant-based alternatives for meat and fish. By making our products irresistibly tasty, widely available and accessible, we are tempting consumers worldwide to try plant-based foods and fully embrace them as part of their diet. This is how we drive the global protein transition and positively contribute to climate, health, and animal welfare.

It's in the bite!

Ever since Ojah was established in 2009, texture has been our focus and what sets our products apart from others. Our unique High Moisture Extrusion technology (HME) enables us to create a protein fibre with which we can make countless meat-like products – fully tailored to your customer’s preferences in bite and taste. Are they asking for more? Don’t worry, we are prepared: our HME production facility is the biggest in Europe.

Meeting customers' expectations

Although consumers worldwide are increasingly supporting the shift towards healthy and sustainable food, many of them stay hesitant to structurally integrate plant-based alternatives in their diets. So what is needed to get this group on board? At Ojah, we believe consumers should not have to make concessions when they choose plant-based. That’s why we have committed ourselves to delivering best quality products with a terrific taste and bite that are easy to incorporate in existing dishes.

Only sustainable soy

Focused as we are on developing healthy and sustainable products, selecting good ingredients is a critical part of our daily business. The non-GMO, European-certified soy we primarily work with, is naturally rich in protein and widely available – benefiting our customers with competitive prices and scalability. Ingredients of animal origin don’t enter our factory, nor do allergens such as gluten, nuts, or milk.

​​​Plant protein

We primarily work with Non-GMO, European-certified soy, an ingredient that naturally contains the most nutritious protein and which price, availability, and scalability is most convenient. Ingredients of animal origin don’t enter our factory, nor do allergens such as gluten, nuts, or milk. 


Water is, next to plant protein, our most important ingredient and is treated as the scarce resource it is. We use water purification methods for safety and reduce our water consumption through closed systems.  


Ojah is a specialist in High Moisture Extrusion (HME) and holds the biggest production capacity in Europe. The pressurized water and protein flour is of high quality. Our technology gives you the opportunity to add shape, taste and tenderness with meticulous precision and provide tailor-made solutions to create all kinds of bites, from chicken to dinosaur meat textures!  

Cooking and Flavoring

In our many years of cooperation with the food industry provided we have the expertise to add a great variety of flavor and taste to your product. We have developed more than 60 successful recipes and countless possibilities in flavoring.  


All products are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to ensure their nutritional value. We provide bulk packaging from 1 kg units to 300 kg packets.

Tailored products to help you win

As the market for plant-based food is growing, the challenge to distinguish yourself as a retailer, brand, food production company or food service organization increases as well. Ojah has the expertise to help you win. In close collaboration, we can create plant-based products that are 100% modified to your local market needs. Our production site is BRC- and Halal-certified, and our products are clean label, non-GMO, rich in dietary fibres and protein, and low in salt and saturated fats.

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