About Ojah

Creating plant-based textures

It was early 2009 when our founders Frank Giezen, Jeroen Willemsen, and Wouter Jansen – all three with a background in food engineering – discovered that through High Moisture Extrusion technology, by combining only water and plant protein, they could create a product with a texture similar to chicken. The first customer signed up soon. Before they knew it, the men were working shifts to make the first 15,000 kilos of plant-based chicken.

Scaling up

From then on, things went fast: as they moved on to create other plant-based bites, business grew immensely – transforming Ojah from a start-up into an established company. The large scale on which we produce today, makes us leading in the production of high-quality plant-based meat and fish alternatives. It makes us proud as a company to be setting the tone for the transition to plant-based food.

Founded in 2009 before being vegan became cool

Ojah timeline

Our values

As frontrunners in the plant-based industry, we stand for a professional, thorough and positive way of working. It is also our believe that a leading role such as ours comes with taking responsibility and being utmost transparent. Striving to accelerate the protein transition, we work closely together with our customers and partners to keep finding new ways of producing the best plant-based products.


Vital for the global shift to plant proteins are products that not only taste good, but also meet the highest quality standards. That’s why our quality department carries out thorough microbiological and physical analyses and draws up procedures and protocols for our production. By continuously improving all these measures, we can guarantee maximum hygiene and safety of our products.

We are BRC-9 certified (AA) and have a Halal certification. All our products are covered by the Donau Soja / Europe Soy certificate. Interested in more information about our certifications?


With our daily impact on the protein shift and contribution to a positive plant-based food perception amongst consumers, Ojah is sustainable by nature. Our products improve people’s health, respect the planet’s resources and are 100% animal friendly. As we strive to achieve a fully sustainable food chain, we also take a critical look at our own footprint with regular Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s). Care to read more about our approach to sustainability? Check out our ​​Sustainability Statement.

Passionate about good food

We are inventors and developers of a tech-driven company that loves to make a positive impact. Our company has a professional, upbeat, and thorough disposition, always looking to find more ways to best help our clients and create high-quality products together. A non-hierarchical and colourful company that continues to deliver the best to our clients. We started as frontrunners in the plant-based production field and are now an established, trustworthy company that has kept its entrepreneurial spirit.

Growing together!

At Ojah, we’re on a fast track, with the ambition of becoming the best in the world within a few years! To make this happen, we’re looking for new team members. We’re seeking individuals who want to join us and dream as big as we do. With approximately 100 colleagues, we proudly work on fantastic products in a vibrant organization that’s running at full speed. Are you the one we need?

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With our extensive expertise in plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to crafting winning products that offer unique flavors and textures, serving as top-notch meat alternatives. Our products offer outstanding nutritional value, extended shelf life, and full compliance with all food safety regulations.

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