Plenti® assortment

Plenti® by Ojah BV is a game-changing, 100% plant-based meat alternative. Using our unique technology, Plenti® delivers a mouthwatering texture, outstanding nutritional value, and incredible versatile possibilities in the kitchen.


Plenti® Pure, our base product, is an extruded mix of solely plant protein concentrate and water, without additives and with a neutral taste. You can easily customize its tenderness, juiciness, taste and shape to mimic chicken, beef, pork, or fish – all plant-based and irresistibly delicious.


Plenti® Prepared products are ready to cook. With a variety of proven recipes and tailor-made applications developed by our experienced RD & Application team,
to suit every concept and market.


Plenti® packs protein comparable to meat, covering all essential amino acids. It’s low in fat, high in dietary fibers, making it a versatile choice for various diets, whether you’re into low-calorie or high-protein meals, for sports or everyday living. With Plenti® you can transform popular recipes and dishes into vegan treats. Read our product assortment brochure or look at our new product formats for more information.

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Plenti® ProFiber™

With Plenti® ProFiber™ you can redefine your plant-based applications. These protein fibers are also produced using Ojah’s unique HME process, creating plant-based whole muscle, meatlike textures. Plenti® ProFiber™ delivers a long fibrous and unique non-homogenic structure, enabling the creation of high quality meat alternatives with simple and existing technology, used by the current processing industry. It is the ideal solution when texture, shape and exact weight per piece are key.


Plenti® ProFiber™ has been developed for producers who are looking for high quality HME texturized proteins but want the freedom to create their own unique end-application in a cost-effective way. The protein fibers perform incredibly in formed plant-based applications such as: nuggets, schnitzels, chicken pieces/breasts, steaks, fried fish, stews, tuna flakes, etcetera.

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In addition to our Plenti® product range, we also developed a number of specific solutions, some in collaboration with co-producers. All based on our unique HME technology.

  • Heppi® Ribs, with pea protein
  • Southern Fried tenders, formed or whole cut
  • Plant-based chicken popcorn
  • Plant-based beef flakes
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