Plant-based quality ingredients

Having an expert plant-based partner for a stable, yet flexible supply of quality ingredients is key for your success as a food manufacturer. How else can you adequately follow up orders from brands and retailers as a result of the growing plant-based demand and shifting preferences amongst consumers? And how else would you be able to produce and deliver customized products in line with the latest trends and standards? With Ojah, you have found your expert partner. Based on our years of experience and expertise in the plant-based food industry, we know how to incorporate plant-based into your existing production lines without you having to invest in expensive technology.

We can develop plant-based ingredients in any form, taste, and with any texture you want – either to integrate them right away into your own production process, or as ready-to-use chunks or strips that can be incorporated into ready meals or as toppings. Our portfolio even provides ingredients for plant-based canned tuna.


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plant-based fibre and texture

Customer case

A renowned sausage manufacturer was developing a plant-based alternative to their curry sausage, but was missing bite, texture, nutritional profile, and usability of the ingredient in its production process. Ojah provided an ingredient based on our plant-based texture to make a local specialty, resulting in an indistinguishable plant-based alternative to curry sausage.

Our service levels

In today’s competitive business environment, we offer more than just a product. Beyond our core product, we offer a range of additional services, from EDI to tailored packaging solutions. It’s our goal to outstand in excellent services and customer experiences.

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  • Support in the delivery chain based on incoterms.
  • Order picking process support.
  • Make to order/make to stock possibilities.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Warehousing (customer owned stock).
  • Customer reporting.
  • International Transport Services (advise on cost reduction in the supply chain).
  • Product carrier pooling systems.
  • Customized offered packaging to reduce transportation costs.
  • Wide range of partners to support in service and maximize efficiency.

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With our extensive expertise in plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to crafting winning products that offer unique flavors and textures, serving as top-notch meat alternatives. Our products offer outstanding nutritional value, extended shelf life, and full compliance with all food safety regulations.

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