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As consumers worldwide are increasingly looking for meat alternatives in their diets, veganizing menus with tasty alternatives is becoming a matter of urgence for modern food service providers. Are you looking for expertise to develop sustainable, healthy and appealing plant-based options that fit into your existing dishes right away and cost-effectively? Ojah is here to help you make the shift. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in plant-based food, we have endless possibilities to enrich your menu with non-meat options.

The wide range of ready-to-cook products we offer, are all consistent in flavor and easy to incorporate. Our individually quick-frozen products are easy in use and can be prepared in various ways, for example by oven or air-fryer. And did you know our packaging can be tailor-made, full-color and adapted to the local information legislation if requested? Lastly, we love working together with chefs to help them to create their own tailor made recipes with our products.


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Customer case

A wholesale customer wished to add a plant-based chicken range to their assortment under their premium label. After a panel test had showed that Plenti met their high-quality requirements, LCA’s were examined and the packaging was enriched with footprint information. Enabling the product to be launched across Europe, all the footprint and nutritional information on the packaging was tailored to local legislation.

Customer Case

A QSR customer wanted to make their signature dish plant-based on a large scale as to achieve CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals. In close cooperation with our partner Kerry Ingredients, we developed a flavor component. Ojah provided texture, while Kerry tested the product in several locations. The resulting seasonal product was so successful that is was turned into a regular menu item in many countries.

Our service levels

In today’s competitive business environment, we offer more than just a product. Beyond our core product, we offer a range of additional services, from EDI to tailored packaging solutions. It’s our goal to outstand in excellent services and customer experiences.

Explore how our approach can provide your business with a competitive advantage in your industry. View the overview of additional services.

  • Support in the delivery chain based on incoterms.
  • Order picking process support.
  • Make to order/make to stock possibilities.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Warehousing (customer owned stock).
  • Customer reporting.
  • International Transport Services (advise on cost reduction in the supply chain).
  • Product carrier pooling systems.
  • Customized offered packaging to reduce transportation costs.
  • Wide range of partners to support in service and maximize efficiency.

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With our extensive expertise in plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to crafting winning products that offer unique flavors and textures, serving as top-notch meat alternatives. Our products offer outstanding nutritional value, extended shelf life, and full compliance with all food safety regulations.

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