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Accurately answering consumers’ demand for plant-based food with well-rotating products has become a factor to success for every modern retailer. So how do you assure your plant-based product range contains enough quality options to choose from? And how do you develop or maintain a private label that completes your ‘plant-based’ shelfs? At Ojah, we welcome you with any thinkable retail and private label challenge.

Building on years of experience and thorough knowledge of plant-based food, we are ready to develop ‘winning’ (seasonal) products for you with distinct flavor profiles and textures – each of which will work as an amazing plant-based alternative to meat. All our creations combine a great nutritional value with a long shelf life, and are fully in line with food safety regulations.


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Customer case

A major industrial retail processor desired to make a proposal to offer inspiration and fill the ‘gaps’ in the assortment of a retailer. Ojah analyzed the existing assortment and organized inspiration sessions for category managers. Additionally, we proposed directions for possible ‘gap fillers’ with a long shelf life – validated with an independent consumer test.

Our service levels

In today’s competitive business environment, we offer more than just a product. Beyond our core product, we offer a range of additional services, from EDI to tailored packaging solutions. It’s our goal to outstand in excellent services and customer experiences.

Explore how our approach can provide your business with a competitive advantage in your industry. View the overview of additional services.

  • Support in the delivery chain based on incoterms.
  • Order picking process support.
  • Make to order/make to stock possibilities.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Warehousing (customer owned stock).
  • Customer reporting.
  • International Transport Services (advise on cost reduction in the supply chain).
  • Product carrier pooling systems.
  • Customized offered packaging to reduce transportation costs.
  • Wide range of partners to support in service and maximize efficiency.

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With our extensive expertise in plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to crafting winning products that offer unique flavors and textures, serving as top-notch meat alternatives. Our products offer outstanding nutritional value, extended shelf life, and full compliance with all food safety regulations.

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