Distinctive plant-based products

As the number of brands in plant-based food is growing, staying or becoming a consumer’s first choice as a brand can be a major challenge. So how do you make your product(s) outshine others as a new or emerging brand?

Or how do you scale up, innovate, and differentiate your product range to grow your market share as a brand? Don’t worry any longer, Ojah is the plant-based expert you need.

Fully equipped with experienced quality teams and thorough supply chain knowledge, we can both deliver proven concepts and create tailormade recipes exclusively for your specific challenge. Our wide range of services covers everything from sourcing to producing a finished product ready for packaging – all of which will help you win in the plant-based market.


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Customer case

An American plant-based brand was aiming for a quick start in the market, after which it wanted to create a unique, long-term product with its own flavor profile, texture, and size. Having started with a small and proven production, we later developed joint distinctive products that matched their profile and the market. Specifically for this client, we developed plant-based teriyaki.


Our service levels

In today’s competitive business environment, we offer more than just a product. Beyond our core product, we offer a range of additional services, from EDI to tailored packaging solutions. It’s our goal to outstand in excellent services and customer experiences.

Explore how our approach can provide your business with a competitive advantage in your industry. View the overview of additional services.

  • Support in the delivery chain based on incoterms.
  • Order picking process support.
  • Make to order/make to stock possibilities.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Warehousing (customer owned stock).
  • Customer reporting.
  • International Transport Services (advise on cost reduction in the supply chain).
  • Product carrier pooling systems.
  • Customized offered packaging to reduce transportation costs.
  • Wide range of partners to support in service and maximize efficiency.

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With our extensive expertise in plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to crafting winning products that offer unique flavors and textures, serving as top-notch meat alternatives. Our products offer outstanding nutritional value, extended shelf life, and full compliance with all food safety regulations.

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